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Creative Arts and the Church

Updated: May 1, 2023

Today marks the official start date of Ignite Creative Arts. The vision was sparked in a mighty church on a tiny island at the end of the road on the tip of the southernmost continental United States of America. 28 years, 9 countries, 35 states, hundreds of productions and thousands of espresso shots later, we’re finally seeing it come to life. The Vision is simple: Reconnect God and His people through the Performing and Creative Arts. How do we do that? By cultivating a community of artists for Christ and equipping them to go into the world and use their gifts and talents for the glory of God. Creative Arts and the Church belong together.

Mark 4:20 says, “But what is sown on good soil represents those who open their hearts to receive the message and their lives bear good fruit - some yield a harvest of thirty, sixty, even a hundredfold!” (TPT) We hold on to this verse as a foundational promise from God. We know that God has called us to use our gifts and talents to pour into His Church and His people, and we understand that an encounter with Jesus will spark a fire in their Spirit with a desire to serve Him. For many performers, creatives, and industry professionals, this life-change can often lead to a very real dilemma. They often feel like they have to make a choice between living for Jesus, serving the church, and pursuing their creative outlets and career paths. But the truth is, God is the ultimate creator and we are made in His image. Therefore, we too, are created to create. God gave us gifts and talents to use for His Glory. But sometimes it’s not very clear on what that means. That’s where we come in.

Our goal is to write, direct, produce, choreograph and present professional content that connects with a variety of audiences and opens the door for an encounter with Jesus. We strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for people from all walks of life and to connect with them by sharing relevant and relatable stories - thus, paving the way for the cultivation of deep and meaningful relationships. In addition, we deeply desire to equip individuals, church ministries, and those within their local communities to do the same through classes and workshops, leadership training, apprenticeship programs, conferences, and online resources. Working toward “yielding a harvest of thirty, sixty, and even a hundredfold!”

Using your gifts and talents to glorify God can look very different for different people. We strive to work with individuals, teams, churches, and organizations to educate, train, and mentor artists and performers on what it may look like for them. Each scenario is unique. For some, this may be solely within a church setting. For some it may be in the community and for others it may be within the entertainment industry. The very next verse in Mark says, “He also gave them this parable: ‘No one lights a lamp only to place it under a basket or under the bed. It is meant to be placed on a lamp stand.’” It’s no good having the skills, gifts, and talents if they are buried deep within and not shared with others. If you’re an artist, performer, or industry professional desiring to use the skills that God gifted you with, let us partner with you to chart a trail that will make the biggest impact for God and His Kingdom. And if you are a church desiring to implement the arts on a greater scale, you've come to the right place.

God Gave you a gift. What you do with that gift is your gift back to God.

Are you an artist, performer, or industry professional who loves Jesus? Does your church implement the arts on a regular basis or would you like them to? Are you like us and are tired of unprofessional and/or inappropriate presentations? Would you like a creative outlet without compromising your foundation?

We'd love to hear from you! Comment below and let us know your thoughts. Share your joys, successes, struggles, concerns and questions. This is your community!

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