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Beautiful Angel in Luminaire Christmas production at Elevate Church Daytona

Live Presentations

Our goal is to produce professional, live performances that are relatable, relevant, and presented with excellence. Using comedy, drama, dance, and music to connect with our audience, we provide a fun, meaningful, and memorable experience for all ages.  Our repertoire includes timeless dance pieces, seasonal specials, and powerful dramas to music.  


We offer training in acting, dance, stage presence, props, processionals, leadership and more.  Our classes, workshops, and conferences are completely customizable and can focus in a specific area or genre, or can be generalized to cover a variety of topics for performers, artists, leaders, as well as non-performers.  Contact us for more information and to learn how these dynamic and informative workshops can benefit your congregation, your volunteers, and your attendance.

Dance Workshop to live djembe music
Christopher Ahlswede speaking at Elevate Church Daytona


 Speaking the Word of God is at our core.  We are passionate about sharing our heart, His message, and the impact the arts can have on your congregation, your volunteers, and your community.  We can speak in conjunction with a live presentation or simply bring a stand-alone message.

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